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For decades, crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) had a solid footing as an electrical wire & cable covering because of the superior physical and electrical performance of coverings made with it. However, traditional methods of crosslinking and the cost associated with these methods limited production capabilities to large-scale processors. The introduction of moisture-cure XLPE has since revolutionized the manufacturing of low-voltage wire used in power distribution, building circuits, internal wiring for appliances, control circuits and automotive applications SACO Polymers. has played a vital role in that progression with the development of an extensive line of PEXIDAN wire & cable insulation systems for all these applications.

Our UL and CSA approved PEXIDAN systems have allowed wire manufacturers with thermoplastic extrusion equipment to participate in a larger part of the low voltage power cable market by enabling them to offer NEC specified, UL/CSA type XHHW, XHHW-2, RHH, RHW, RHW-2, USE, SIS, RW90, RWU90 and various appliance wire products, as well as multi-conductor cables made with these wires such as UL 1277 jacketed tray cables, CSA AC90 and Teck90 armored cables and even CSA NMD90 building wire. Our PEXIDAN wire & cable insulation systems have been developed and tested so as to cover a large range of power cable applications and offer as many optional features as possible, which include oil and gas resistance, sunlight resistance, low temperature resistance, enhanced flame resistance, and use in cable trays.

Our extensive work with UL and CSA to 'bulletinize' our PEXIDAN systems have enabled our customers to promote their wires for use in multiple applications, which has in turn helped them and their customers minimize inventory costs during periods of copper-pricing volatility. SACO Polymerscontinues to develop PEXIDAN insulation systems and jacket materials that will inevitably extend the use of XLPE insulation beyond the current low voltage power cable market.

PEXIDAN Product Guide

PEXIDAN R/T, UT, X/T, X/T-UV, X/T-UV2, V/T, V/T-2, H/T and J/T data sheets

UL Certification (wire & cable)

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